Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Way or the Highway

Alice: “I seem to have lost my way.”
The Red Queen:  “YOUR way?!  ALWAYS MY WAY!”

There was a dude on the Christian radio trying to explain why teens should remain Christian, even if they have questions about their faith.  We came to what the defender described as the biggest deal-breaker for most young people.  “What does God do to those people who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus, and what did he do with the people who live before Jesus came around?”  Interesting question.

Like I said, the guy answering this question admitted that this was a big deal for most people.  He said that most every teen he encountered asked this question in one way or another.  He realized the importance of this answer.  This was it:  “I don’t know.  If God sent them to hell, that doesn’t seem fair, but if he let them into heaven then Jesus is NOT the only way to heaven, and we KNOW that Jesus IS the ONLY way to heaven.  We know God will do what is right, but we don’t know what that is.”  WTF?

Seriously, What The FUCK?  So you understand that this is an important answer, and all you have is I don’t know?  How is that an answer?  God will do what is right, but we can’t know what that is?  Aren’t you the asshats who try to sell that “objective moral standards come from God” bullshit?  How is the answer to this I don’t know?  But wait.  It got better.

Answerman went on to say that we should not criticize God for giving us only one way to please him.  Instead, we should rejoice that he gave us A way.  We should not concern ourselves with those who have not heard the Word, but rejoice that we have.  Jesus is the Way, and you can take it, or the highway.

You’d think that after identifying a deal-breaking question, you’d have a good answer for it.  This is the same crap I heard when I asked this question years ago.  Seriously, do these morons actually think this is a good answer?  God says my way or the highway, unless you’ve never heard of my way, then maybe.  You get to guess.

God is supposed to be able to do the right thing all the time.  But it is still evident to me he blunders and stumbles through it just as we do.  Perhaps if we all simply admit that the quantities of god reflect those qualities we see in ourselves, perhaps we can all find the right thing to do, and realize there is more than one way to be a good person.  God isn’t here; we are.

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