Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blog Talk Radio

I've begun an internet radio show called the Atheist Roundtable.  I think I'm so damned full of answers I should take calls!!  Actually, I wanted to try to branch out from the blog.  This is great and all, but I wanted to try other media, and the internet allows me to do this for free.  I've placed a widget on this blog.  Just look at the right and find it.  If you have any ideas or comments for the show, you can leave them here, or email the show at

I'll still blog from time to time.  If you like the show and the blog, and you are able, consider donating a buck or two.  I'll use the donations to fund the full version of BlogTalkRadio, which allows better times and call screening.  Oh, how I long for screening!

Thanks to everyone who has shown me such support!!