Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Know Your Role, Stupid Believer!!

Know Your Role, Stupid Believer!!
Religion is based on authority. Authority is hieratical. God has a purpose for you, and it is based upon your role first in family, then in community. So you better know your role.

The following are the roles of the persons in what believers think is the only formula for a family. That is one man, one woman, and children. There is no other formula. If you live alone, you’ve no family. If you live with a brother or sister, you’ve no family. Only this formula is acceptable. All others come from satan. Satan will allow any group of people who call themselves a family to be one. Satan couldn’t care less the sex of the people, so long as they support, love and honor each other, they are a family. He’s such an evil bastard.

Husbands are the leaders. The male has a penis, and therefore has the power. Penis=power=authority. God really likes people with penises. That’s why he had a son, after all. The daughter of god wouldn’t have had the ability to sacrifice herself for the sin of all. All decisions are to be made by the penis/power holder. God gave the male two heads so he could think more clearly. Do what he says, or else.

Wives are the submissive help. Husbands need help. After a long hard day of holding their penis, the husband needs someone to cook, clean, and look after the kids. Then, the wife needs to satisfy the penis in the bedroom. Yes, she can have a job. It’s a crappy economy after all. Just so long as she doesn’t make more than her husband, and uses ALL of her income to support her husband. Remember, he gets to decide what to do with the money. She makes it; he spends it. Porn can get expensive.

Children obey. It does not matter if the parents are fools. As long as they are RELIGIOUS fools, children obey. Parents provide food and shelter to their children in exchange for obedience. No obedience, no food, no roof. Children are born in sin, remember? Parents need to beat the devil out of their evil offspring. Spare the rod; spoil the child. That’s biblical! God wants you to smack the taste out of those disobedient brats. And then, you need to make more of them.
I can’t imagine how divorce could ever be so prevalent within a family constructed in this manner. Hey, was there ever any mention of love in god’s plan for the family? Nope, just a whole lot of authority and delegation of authority. Submit, or suffer. Love, respect, empathy and kindness have no place here.

You know, I have no idea how I would ever subdue my wife. If not for her, I’d wonder off into la-la land trying to drive from the house to Wal-Mart. If not for her, we’d not have half the luxuries we enjoy. I’ve told many people before that I’d need to consult my wife before making a decision. She’s said the same. We have a partnership; we’re spouses.

Are there parents that are so afraid of childhood rebellion they feel they have to squash it out before it shows up? The preacher dude on the radio actually said the role of parents is to break their children’s spirit without breaking their bones. I’m glad he put a limit on his approved child abuse, but this really bugged me. Parents do not provide shelter and sustenance to children in exchange for obedience. Thinking this way will ensure rebellion. Parents feed and protect their children because they love their children. Children obey because they want to please their parents because they love them. And children rebel, not because they are evil, but because they have a need to understand what limits are and what happens when you break them.

Religion must have control. Control will come from authority. Authority comes from whoever is biggest and strongest. The male controls and rules the wife because he is bigger than she. Preacher dude seriously said that if your wife rebels and she is bigger than you, get your brother involved! This “might makes right” theme is so unjust, I can’t imagine intellectual people attributing this to a perfectly just god. My son has a Sesame Street My First Manners book that tells him people don’t get to decide based on who is bigger than who. But god seems fine with this. And believers want me to accept this as an absolute moral standard.

A lack of religion does not equal a lack of control. It simply means control comes from self, not superstition. We have to control ourselves, and teach our children how to do the same. (I wish that second one was a little easier.) God isn’t here; we are.