Friday, April 20, 2012

The Belief and the Believer: the Sin and the Sinner

I don't hate religious people; I hate religion.

Yeah.  I know it sounds familiar.  But I think there are real differences here.  First of all, religion and religious people are REAL.  Seriously, no one denies that both of these things exist.  Unlike sin, which is in dispute.  I don't think sin exists.  For the record, I define sin as an offence to god, or something god would find offensive.  Since I think god is imaginary, nothing can offend it because it does not exist.  Therefore, sin is also imaginary.

But that's not the only difference.  I think even believers dislike religion.  How else do you explain the recent surge of christian lunacy that is the "I love jesus; I hate religion" nonsense.  And this is popular.  More and more I meet people who claim to be "spiritual" christians.  I just raise an eyebrow and ask what in the world that means.  You should see the fumbling.  They don't know what it means, either.  They think it's a smokescreen.  I can see right through it.

Here's another thing.  When I say I hate religion, what I really mean is I hate faith.  I think faith is just plain stupid.  Faith is delusion and it is detrimental to society.  It makes people believe irrational things for irrational reasons.  Imagine the 9-11 hijackers with no faith.  Please.  What would they do?  Sit down and enjoy the ride?  Faith is harmful.

But when people say they hate "the sin", they mean sex.  They don't mean lying or stealing or killing. They are talking about sex.  And consensual sex, too.  Sex between consenting adults.  Good, natural, clean, raunchy, hard-core, nasty, filthy dirty sexy sex.  Excuse me...

Where was I?  Right.  Sex isn't a sin, even if there was a god.  Indeed, there have been many gods dedicated to sex and fertility.  Sex is a god, so it cannot be a sin.  Why all the hate for sex?

I think Darrell Ray, author of the God Virus, got it right.  Take sex out of religion, and you have nothing.

It's too bad people think sex is bad.  So bad they have to fight to keep consenting adults from doing it.  I think we'd all be happier if we all had more orgasms.  I've always said that the key to life is a blend of mastication, masturbation and meditation.

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